Social Marketing

We utilize social marketing to reach new audience through various social platforms to develop relationships with a new audience for your brand. Social platforms from social media, blogs, visual blogging and more are on the rise. Audiences are prone to visual profiles to identify with the brand. Our social marketing approach includes: social media, content and video blogging, newsletters and alignment and social ads.

Social marketing consistency is important. Based on social platforms utilized for the company, 3 to 5 posts a week, with various types of posts, are recommended. Social Marketing platforms’ content varies based on needs. All profiles should be consistent with branding for easy identification and to help build engagement.

Social Media Strategy Development | Content Planning and Scheduling | Content Creation and Implementation Event Marketing Social Integration | Brand Social Voice Contest Creation and Integration | Consumer Engagement Social Advertising | Social Reports

Social Marketing Services begin at $20/Hr — Rates vary based on the extent of the project(s). Additional accommodations are made on combined service options and retainer needs.

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