SEO and Analytics

We utilize SEO to connect customers with your content. We integrate Google Analytics (GA) to truly understand what content is generating traffic to your business. Consider the combined SEO services if you want to adjust your content to your target audience.

SEO and GA also determine performance ratios for your paid advertising, if any. Any content produced can be adjusted based on audience interactions. At least two new full-content pieces a month for Website and Social Tracking. SEO and GA Configuration should be adjusted every two weeks with updated/trending keywords & revamped content. SEO and GA services should be considered as a monthly project for the constant up keeping of keywords and ROI analytics. SEO and GA can be integrated into Social Marketing*

SEO and Analytics services begin at $23/Hr — Rates vary based on the extent of the project(s). Additional accommodations are made on combined service options and retainer needs.

Download Full Service Sheet and Price List