Content Creation

Content Creation is designing new content that makes a company a go-to resource for information. Content curation is the reuse of existing content and adding company-specific relations. Content Creation and Content Curation is important for social media engagement, website SEO keywords, and resource-based identity. Consider content creation and curation if you want to produce content to bring in the varied audience and be a resource of information for clients.

Based on objectives, the consistency of the content is dependent on goals. Our service includes *at least 5 downloadable documents for clients, research on client needs of information, and monthly postings for various marketing efforts. Content Creation and Curation can be a project-based rate at a monthly retainer or broken down based on content needs.

Content Banks can be developed for clients for a one-time fee and their use of distribution*

Website Articles | Social Media Articles | Consumer-Related Articles | New Website and Blogging Content | Images | Vide Creation | Letters and Stationary Material

Content Design Services begin at $25/Hr — Rates vary based on the extent of the project(s). Additional accommodations are made on combined service options and retainer needs.

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